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Appoaches to Residential Retrofit around Europe

Posted by: Maeve on June 04 2019 | Tagged: Industry News, Retrofit Scotland News

The only way for the UK to achieve its carbon saving goals is to establish a nationwide programme to upgrade the existing housing stock - so says the ‘Scaling Up Retrofit 2050’ report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Nottingham Trent University. To achieve the required goals, a great increase in the rate and level of retrofit interventions is needed. In light of this challenge we’re sharing four examples of different approaches to retrofit from around Europe.

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Exhibiting at Scotland Build 2016

Posted by: Katy on December 01 2016 | Tagged: Events, Retrofit Scotland News

We recently had an interesting couple of days exhibiting at Scotland Build 2016, a national consturction expo dedicated to providing opportuntiies for companies in Scotland.

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Exhibiting at Scotland Build

Posted by: Katy on November 21 2016 | Tagged: Events, Retrofit Scotland News

Retrofit Scotland will be exhibiting at Scotland Build on November 23rd and 24th in the SECC, Glasgow.

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As Ur - Renovating Empty Croft Homes

Posted by: Laura on September 27 2016 | Tagged: New projects, Retrofit Scotland News

As Ur is a project designed to renovate empty croft homes across the Outer Hebrides. There are approximately 1000 in various states of disrepair to ruin. The aims of ‘as new’ are to bring homes back into use, and make them ultra-energy efficient so that they play a role in reducing fuel poverty for those living in them.

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Unintended consequences of energy efficiency upgrade works in Scotland

Posted by: Laura on September 27 2016 | Tagged: Industry News, Retrofit Scotland News

As part of the Hab-Lab service John Gilbert Architects-in partnership with The Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU)-has recently issued the findings for the Building Performance Evaluation of 13 case studies located in the West of Scotland, which are part of the stock of four Housing Associations and one Council.

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