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Renfrewshire Council is working with John Gilbert Architects and the BRE in Scotland to order to develop our Home Energy Efficiency Programme Area Based Schemes, known as HEEPS ABS programmes.  The work is based on ‘real-life’ monitoring of properties leading to guidance and support in improving and developing the Council’s design and specification for external insulation programmes.

We want to ensure we are achieving best value from all aspects of our procurement and maintenance budgets: maximising energy efficiency, whilst also addressing a range of  national and local outcomes; in particular the comfort and health of tenants and the durability of our building stock.

Through this work we are reviewing our approach to a range of housing types some of which are considered “hard-to-treat” due to their construction type, planning restrictions, geographical location or issues around mixed tenure. 

The main scope of works will be to monitor existing building types. The data from these properties will be collected on energy (heating and electricity) consumption, environmental conditions along with physical tests to establish basic building fabric performance such as air pressurisation, in-situ ‘U’-value, thermography as well as heating and ventilation system checking. 

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The scope of each project will be agreed in each case, and  will  monitor, evaluate and propose recommendations as to how our insulation or External Wall Insulation (EWI) Programmes can be improved.  This is partly funded by the Home Energy Efficiency Programme Area Based Schemes or HEEPS ABS, and the Council require to understand how these works can be modified or improved in order to provide best value for money.

We anticipate that bespoke insulation/fabric and renewable energy solutions will be required through a series of pilot project based on ‘real’ data gained from monitoring occupied properties, in preference to predicted performance from commonly available modelling tools.  These pilot projects will allow the council to both practically assess the viability of larger schemes and how these can be practically rolled out within communities. 

The first of these pilot projects is currently underway in Paisley to retrofit a 1930’s Four-in-a-block in order to achieve an A rating within SAP.  The project will include External Wall Insulation, underfloor heating, ground source heat pumps, mechanical ventilation, waste water heat recovery as well as a number of other design details and technologies that aim to improve both the energy efficiency and general living conditions of residents living within the buildings. 


 Images and text supplied by Renfrewshire Council

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