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Tenement Energy Efficiency, Edinburgh

Tenement Energy Efficiency, Edinburgh

Energy efficiency in traditional and historic homes


Older, traditionally built properties are notoriously hard to treat in terms of improving energy efficiency, and this can be greatly exacerbated where their historic status places planning restrictions on improvement measures. Many of the most popular and cost-effective measures are not viable for use in these buildings.

This case study provides best-practice examples of what can be done to reduce the energy demand in such properties without compromising their historic appearance and cultural integrity.


Existing Fabric

The typical tenement building described in this case study is built from stone in the 1800's, has solid walls, single glazing, a potentially expensive electric heating system and large high-ceilinged rooms which are hard to heat. The property is located in a conservation area meaning that some interventions measures are not possible due to planning restrictions.

Improvement measures

'Renewable Heritage' is a project which installed a solar water heating system providing hot water to all flats within a tenement building. The solar panels were installed in roof valleys to satisfy planning and listed building requirements.

Details of this project can be viewed in the case study download.

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Case Study

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