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Rolls Royce, Hillington

Energy management and efficiency programme


At the Hillington site, near Glasgow, Rolls-Royce manufactures turbine and compressor components for jet engines.

Rolls-Royce knew that energy consumption and cost would have significant impact on its business. Improving energy management was a conscious decision made by Rolls-Royce to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, and to save money.


Five key campaigns were run at the Hillington plant to reduce energy consumption.

  • Turn it off: The electrical and heat load profiles were examined and the use of equipment outside of production hours was checked.
  • Operating regime: Changes to production and plant operation to improve productivity and reduce energy consumption were identified (e.g. matching boilers to required loads).
  • Energy for essential services: Services were optimised following a comprehensive review to determine whether all were necessary.
  • Turn it down: Improvements were introduced to ensure that energy consumption for production and services was reduced to an optimum level (e.g. lighting, temperature, air pressure).
  • System efficiency: Rolls Royce ensured that the efficiency of energy consuming systems was maximised.


The energy management programme had the following benefits:

  • The energy management campaign led to more efficient working practices
  • Working relationships with suppliers, maintenance contractors and energy services suppliers are better co-ordinated
  • Productivity has improved and waste has reduced across the entire UK operation
  • Energy consumption in 2002 was reduced by 6.6% below the projected target.


Energy savings of 4% during the day, 20% during the night and 40% at weekends have been realised.


The importance of appointing committed individuals or groups with responsibility for energy efficiency at each site was recognised. 'Energy Champions' must have senior management support and authority to implement efficiency improvements.

Ian Norris, Facilities and Services Manager at Rolls-Royce Hillington, concluded:


“Staff contributions to energy management and energy efficiency have helped to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by some 22% over the last two years, an achievement we are extremely proud of.”


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