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Prestwick Circuits, Ayrshire

Energy audit and reduction of baseload


Prestwick Circuits manufacture high quality printed circuit boards for use in the automotive and aero industries, and as such use a large amount of equipment, much of it high energy consuming.

Cost and energy savings were made following an energy audit, due to the introduction of simple energy management procedures, a programme of good housekeeping and investment in energy efficient technology.


A site energy audit was undertaken by a consultant, using half-hourly energy demand data, which identified a 500kW energy baseload. Having established this, Prestwick Circuits, along with the energy consultant adopted a process to reduce energy consumption. This entailed:

  • Identifying what was causing the baseload,
  • Implementing an 'end of shift' process to switch off all unnecessary equipment - with nominated individuals given responsibility,
  • Installation of low-cost controls (e.g. time switches) to ensure equipment is only on when required.


The adopted measures to reduce the energy consumption had the following business benefits:

  • reducing labour and material costs for maintenance
  • energy savings of over 1,752,000 kWh/annum
  • cost savings of around £45,700/annum
  • CO2 savings of 753 tonnes/annum.


The initial cost of reducing the electrical baseload was negligible. Checking to avoid unnecessary operation is conducted during shift change over and incorporated as part of existing staff duties. A minimal capital investment will be required to install control devices, in order to ensure that energy savings are maintained.


Returns were immediate which has given Prestwick Circuits confidence to develop its energy management systems and to invest in other energy efficiency measures.


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