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Glad Cafe, Glasgow

Glad Cafe, Glasgow

A refurbishment using recycled materials, creating a cafe and venue space



The Glad Café is a refurbishment with a particular emphasis on the use of recycled materials. A social enterprise based in the south side of the Glasgow it incorporates a café and a venue for music and events. The café was originally a bakery attached to the first fireproof tenement in Glasgow and one of the first tenement buildings in Glasgow built using a structural steel frame. 


The main space -which existed previously as a snooker hall and then a restaurant -was subdivided to form the café and the performance venue. As the space had no natural light two boarded up sash and case windows were opened up to create a warm welcoming space.


All existing timber flooring was uplifted, treated off site and reused for fixed furniture and floor coverings. Some timber floor coverings were taken from a local gym (court markings are still visible!). The timber balustrades, shelving and venue bar are made up of various thicknesses of plywood and plastic off cuts supplied by local furniture designers. All furniture is second hand and was gifted to the project by local people. The existing heating and ventilation system was upgraded and tailored to suit the new café layout. 


              ATW Architects -The Glad Cafe - Grant Hugh Jones (2)




Negative environmental impact during the construction was reduced by utilising local products and labour. 


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