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Garrioch Road Tenement Flats, Glasgow

Improving Energy and Carbon Performance of Housing - A Glasgow Case Study


This study aims to investigate strategies to reduce carbon emissions through a comprehensive study of the resident's flats and the communal aspects of the back court, encouraging tenant participation throughout the process.

The following steps were taken:

  • Meeting with residents association
  • Physical survey of flats
  • Assessment of best practice guidance
  • Identification of suitable upgrades for Garrioch Road Tenements
  • Modelling of improvement measures
  • Backcourt improvements.


For more information on each of these steps, please download the full case study on the right.


A typical tenement flat, located in Hyndland in Glasgow, was surveyed and the geometry, construction and services specification modelled in the dynamic computer model ESP-r by ESRU.

A 'shopping list' of potential energy and carbon saving interventions was created and the cost of each was identified. Items which could be upgraded include:

  • windows
  • draft sealing
  • external walls
  • walls to common stair
  • heating system
  • roof and floors.


Improvement measures are suggested for each item and renewable technologies are discussed in the case study.

A modelling report from ESRU is also included in the download.


The new boiler was the cheapest measure and the best value for money in terms of carbon saved.

The most carbon is saved by the full insulation of the walls and this is also second best value for money.

It is important to consider this because the boiler in the sample flat was old and inefficient and this will not always be the case with other flats.

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Case Study

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