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Fettercairn House Monitoring, Aberdeenshire

Monitoring building fabric and internal environmental behaviour


This case study complements another case study project, which looked at the practicalities of insulating historic masonry and lath walls.

This completed study details a monitoring process aiming to build capacity, knowledge, information and techniques which are required to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in historic and traditional buildings.

It will do this by identifying methods to adjust, conserve and reinstate materials, maintaining the architectural integrity of the properties.


The objectives of the monitoring project are to:

  • Monitor and analyse the building behaviour using sensors in the building fabric and living spaces.
  • Provide digital and other dynamic media/information specifically designed to influence owners/occupiers and other groups of the need to make their buildings more energy efficient and the benefits of doing so.
  • Provide the resources to make the complete building supply chain aware of the need to make traditional buildings more energy efficient.
  • Provide the building actors with targeted information and knowledge of techniques that they require to undertake this task.


Data collection and monitoring of the property included three stages of work:

  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity
  • Data collection using USB data loggers
  • Simulation of moisture movement through the sandstone wall


More information on the processes used and in particular of the simulation modelling, can be seen by downloading the full case study using the link on the right. A comparison between the actual data and the simulation findings can also be viewed.


One of the main lessons learned is that a high level of skill is required, along with an understanding of the construction of the building to ensure that no damage is caused to the structure or to historic fabric and fixtures.

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Case Study

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