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Dougrie Place Lighting Project, Castlemilk, Glasgow

Dougrie Place Lighting Project, Castlemilk, Glasgow

This community led initiative is a lighting system that creates a spectacular lighting effect while displaying the weather forecast.


Following a proposal that explored the idea of installing a feature lighting display using renewable energies at a prominent citywide location, Castlemilk Tenants’ Housing Association initiated The Castlemilk Lighting Project. The aim was to “add a splash of colour to the area – and the city as a whole.”

The Castlemilk Lighting project has also received funding from Glasgow Housing Association, Glasgow City Council and the Fairer Scotland Fund.


This community led initiative is a unique lighting system within the three tower blocks in Dougrie Place in Castlemilk that not only creates a spectacular lighting effect, it is also programmed to display the weather outlook. The project utilises leading edge technology to display a night-time visual representation of the local weather outlook for the following day using internet RSS feeds based on meteorological data.

The proposals were developed in workshops with the community, local schools and the client steering group. Raising environmental awareness was a key aim. Studies were undertaken with Strathclyde University to look at energy use and minimising environmental impact.



The left tower displays a general forecast with colours matching the traditional weather symbols, for example, dark blue denotes rain and yellow indicates sunshine. The central tower displays wind patterns with bands of colour moving across the building to show wind direction and light pulses to indicate speed. The right tower displays temperature through colour and figures, where a red background signifies a warm forecast and the numbers moving down the block represent the temperature forecast.

The towers also feature special events displays to mark specific occasions and the weather forecast for the next day. Glowing yellow from the tower on the left, along with slow pulses of green from the middle tower and a warm red temperature on the right tower means that the outlook is good whereas bolts of white light or heavy bands of falling blue with a frosty minus temperature indicates a bad spell.

 dougrie Forecasting Guide


The project not only provides a visual focus for the area, but in raising awareness in renewable technologies and climate patterns, the wider community and in particular local schools, have been actively engaged.

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